Card tricks

ethel breuche ((no email))
Tue, 27 Aug 96 8:02:18 EDT

Dear Elaine,
I'm working on several projects right now but I thought I'd share a
new card trick with you. There are 6 players plus the dealer. After the
cards are dealt all the players wind up with full houses, so they don't ask
for any cards. The dealer gives himself 5 new cards and then the bidding
begins. Of course, the dealer wins because she has a straight flush. Since
this is a card trick, the dealer is allowed to deal from the bottom of the
deck but only to herself. There is no slight of hand involved and it
actually is a mathematical (logical) kind of card trick. The deck is
pre-arranged but the players are allowed to cut the deck as many times as
they want. I'll be glad to show you the trick at our next follow-up.

Thought the other poker players in the group would be interested.

See you soon,

P.S. I sure Bro. Pat has already figured out how it is done and why it
works? What about the rest of you? the way the game is poker and the dealer doesn't always deal herself
cards from the bottom of the deck only when getting the last 5 cards.