Free Internet Service, and Email Address for Life!

Charles Kwan (
Fri, 30 Aug 1996 01:06:13 -0700


I finally got a new ISP that offers free internet service for a year.
For those of you who are using AT&T for long distance service, you can
call AT&T WorldNet Customer Care at 1-800-400-1445 for Internet
connection kit. You get 5 hours free each month to surf the net.
The Internet kit comes with a dialer, Netscape 1.1, and Eudora Lite.

For a Free permanent email address other than DIMACS, try
(, it will forward your email to any ISP you
are using.

For Free Email Service(no web surfing), try JUNO (1-800-654-JUNO) for
free software(Sorry, Windows ONLY! no MAC yet!).