Follow-Up - housing

Elaine Foley (
Thu, 05 Sep 1996 08:57:02 -0400

I want to reassure everyone that I've booked rooms at the Wyndham
Gardens hotel (near Rutgers) for the following people:

Scot Drysdale Anne Huffer Darlene Hughes
Carol Geising Roseann Krane Alan Pearson
Sanderson Smith

Since these people will be flying in (and to take advantage of less
expensive fares) the rooms are reserved for Friday & Saturday nights,
Sept. 27 & 28.

Cathleen Zucco is going to be staying with her brother and driving up.

Bro Pat, along with some other teachers have requested overnight
accommodations. I need to remind everyone that providing housing for
the one-day follow-ups is not provided for in our grant. However, at
this point there are funds available and Diane has given me the approval
to go ahead and book rooms (hopefully double-occupancy based) for those
who need it.

So, I need your help in regard to who would like to room with whom,
along with names of those who would like to have a room who are not
listed above. Please let me know asap so I can adjust the reservations.

BTW, I've added links to a couple of sites to download Geometer's
Sketchpad and Cabri (demo versions) on my web site - - do check it out.