minor drei96 webpage updates

lee cristofano (cristofa@dimacs.rutgers.edu)
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 14:51:37 -0400

hello all!

i've done just a little bit of clean-up work on our drei96 web pages.
(thanks to paul burchard for the helpful suggestions). most apparent is
the scaled-down version of the main screen (the ones with the click-able
ellipses). it now fits on most screens completely. would anyone would
like to re-design this graphic, or is this one fine?

i've also added the course note links (thanks to the geometry center for
the HTML-ing of these).

i also did a little spell-ckecking, added a fractal background on one of
the pages, switched some font colors, etc. the content of the pages is
much the same as when we left.

perhaps for our meeting on the 28th, we could each bring one or two
little things we could add to the pages? lesson ideas, pictures, class
demos, etc. any content that we could add would be a great help.

i'm also working to re-design the entire site from its present form so
it's easier to navigate and find information. ideas are appreciated.

i hope each of you had a relaxing summer and i look forward to seeing
all of yinz on the 28th!
your pal,