Judy Ann Brown (
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 16:58:53 -0400

Hi Elaine,

In future messages if you would include the URL for any page you want us to look
at then, those people using Netscape to read their mail will be able to just
click on the URL to view the site. Netscape will create the link to the page.
Those people not using Netscape could copy and paste or print out the URL or
just wish they were using Netscape!

Thanks for the update and I'm going to try to take a look in the next few days,
but I'm already behind in my grading of papers. Now how did that happen? It's
only day 7 of the school year.


Responding to the message of <>
from Elaine Foley <>:
> I'm almost done editing DIMACS' DREI page with links etc., so please
> take a look and let me know what you think. I still have to grab
> missing pictures (and finish the listing/link to the research group) but
> the overall structure is in place.
> Elaine
> .