Using attachments

Paul Burchard (burchard@CS.Princeton.EDU)
Mon, 16 Sep 1996 13:41:53 -0400

It looks like it would be worthwhile to have a brief session on
the use of email attachments for collaboration at the Sept. 28 meeting.

There were two problems with Darlene's attachment:

1. Again, it was a system-specific format -- this time very Mac-specific.
Take a look at my previous message on this for suggested formats.

2. It was ENORMOUS -- half a Megabyte. This can cause severe problems
for recipients like overfilled mailboxes and very long download times
(with copies in many mailboxes this message probably filled up 15 MB
of disk space on dimacs alone). I don't think what you wanted to send
really had to be that big, but if so, a mail attachment isn't the best
way to communicate it (put it on your web page instead so people can
download it at leisure).

Attachments are a great way to collaborate if used properly, so let's
discuss this further on the 28th.