Elaine Foley (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 11:15:18 -0400

We are looking forward to seeing EVERYONE at the followup
session on September 28th!!! There have been a couple of
SIGNIFICANT changes: the location will be Princeton
and not Rutgers, and we hope that everyone will stay until
4:30 p.m. (please let me know if this is a problem for you
or if this means that you need to spend the night in Princeton).
These decisions were made because the computing facilities
at Rutgers could not be made compatible enough with those
you were familiar with at Princeton in time for 9/28.
Consequently we have now reserved facilities at Princeton.
The November 9th followup session is probably at Princeton also.

NOTE: If you have pictures that you would like to have scanned,
if at all possible, please send them to me so that they arrive
by Monday or Tuesday before you get here. That way we can have
them scanned before your arrival and have the files ready for
your use.

For those of you staying overnight I will be alerting you of a motel
change later today ---- travelling by air..... if you are driving
check-out the dimacs web page for directions or let me know that you
need them faxed to you ---- or use the Princeton Airporter (once I find
out if they will drop you off at the motel).....