Re: Erdos on Channel One

Elaine Foley (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 15:13:50 -0400


Kudos on getting this done! The New York Times had a very nice article
(with kind words from Ron Graham) or Erdos, which I'm copying for
everyone - will be in your packet.


Patrick Carney wrote:
> Hi all,
> Joe Rosenstein suggested that I pass the word on that Channel One
> finally did a story on the death of Paul Erdos today in case anyone wants to
> tape it. As many of you know, Joe passed that word on over the weekend. Just
> to show you what we CAN do, I was annoyed that none of the media including an
> educational place like that did not cover it, that I told my students I was
> going to write and complain. I had had a picture of him in my classroom since
> Monday and we had prayed for him (we're allowed :-) ) and I had told them
> about him.
> Well, by the end of the school day yesterday, they had not only
> answered my e-mail, but called me from CA! Well, they were unaware but
> interested. SO I told them everything I knew (which did not take long) as
> well as the web sites on which I had found something as well as Joe's e-mail
> address and the suggestion of Ron Graham.
> To my surprise, this a.m. they did a tribute to him and in his honor
> had their pop quiz about prime numbers! My kids were impressed with "my
> clout"! since I had told them about writing yesterday. They did not know
> about the phone call. It has certainly got them buzzing around this little
> school -- many kids stopped by to comment. That TV can do a lot more to
> popularize math than I can!
> Anyhow, I also suggested that they put his life "N is a Number" on
> their Classroom Channel -- which runs tapes at night that allow duplicating
> for showing in the classroom. In fact, the man who called me was interested
> in obtaining that and showing it. So be on the lookout. If I hear of it, I
> will try to post with plenty of warning.
> But I am really sending this to say that if we all get together and
> push, maybe we CAN make a difference and get more math news publicized! Let
> the rest of the world see how much fun they are missing.
> Now, if I do this right, I will attach the correspondence (I think
> theirs is a form letter, but one of the people to whom a copy went, jumped
> on it and called -- he said both his Classroom Channel and the news room were
> interested. I was impressed) but if I do it wrong, I will forward that to you
> separately.
> I hope you all can use this information.
> As ever,
> Bro. Patrick Carney