Re: Sunday followup to First followup

Duncan (
Sun, 29 Sep 1996 14:39:23 -0700

Bill Garrett wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> Just tried to log on and find if there was new mail and I think I
> encountered the same situation Mary Alice encountered when she tried to
> get her mail. It was taking "forever" just to log on. So I decided I'd
> just cancel that and send a message instead.

Try .forward your e-mail from dimacs to your local server.
Instruction is at

This way you don't have to contact dimacs yourself --- the machine does
it for you --- am I dreaming?

> I didn't realize just how much I'd enjoy seeing all of you until it
> happened yesterday! Great day! Just too rushed; too much to do and too
> little time to do it! Much like my life in general and probably yours
> too!

Let's slow down the time, Bill, --- can we still do it? --- YES, we CAN!
Here is how, Paul, --- that is our inside jock, BTW ---

1. Reserve Friday, Nov. 1, 1996
2. Book your ticket to Newark Airport or Teterboro Airport
3. Rent a car or have someone pick you up, and
4. Drive up to
38 Brinkerhoff Ave.
Teaneck, NJ
5. Have dinner at the Chiu's --- taste my BBQ or what not, you
should have faith in my cooking, right? I made omlettes for some of you
at the Elm Eating Club last summer, remember?
6. For those of you living nearby --- within driving distance,
i.e. --- you are invited too.
7. I have room for sleepover, limited space, so has Lou --- we
talked about this yesterday, but did not finalize the idea. I'm sure he
doesn't mind, right, Lou?
8. Drive to Princeton the next morning for the second follow-up.

Bill, this is not a jock, it is an invitation to slow down the time. So,
please think about it, EVERYONE, and RSVP by Oct. 31, so my wife won't
be shocked by the number of people showing up that night --- you ladies
know what it's like in such a situation, eh?

> Let's keep the e-mail busy with our activities and encouragement to
> each other!

Yes, tell us your problems too. I, for one, will be glad to listen.

> Have a great upcoming week!
> Bill& duncan
P.S. Elaine, please .forward the invitation to Scott, Iliana, David, and
Ken. BTW, shouldn't they be included in drei96 e-mail list?