the playground is now open

Paul Burchard (burchard@CS.Princeton.EDU)
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 06:57:35 -0400

The web pages for DREI classroom acitivities, which Lee has been
nurturing, have now been moved to a common location where all of you can

As you saw, Lee has organized the pages according to the outline
developed during the last followup meeting (projects, and topics within
them). But, in addition, the site has now been split into an "official"
area for approved, publicly-viewable files, and an exactly parallel
"unofficial" area where you should feel free to gratuitously upload any
files you're interested in sharing with the group!

To view the new "official" site, point your browsers to:
The first time you cross a link to "unofficial" material, you'll be
asked for a name and password -- use "XXXX" and "XXXX" here, not your
dimacs login.

To upload materials to the "unofficial" site, use the Netscape file
upload trick at the following address, replacing "USER" by your actual
dimacs login:
(This time, the password is your normal dimacs login password.) You may
want to bookmark these two locations for convenient access.

Don't be shy -- if an uploaded file doesn't work out we can just delete
it and no harm done...