Netscape Gold

Frances Boyle (
Sat, 09 Nov 1996 19:41:29 -0800

Hi Everyone! It was great to see everyone today. As promised here is
the name of a book that I think will make the creation of a web page a
snap. The book also comes with a CD that includes the following
Acrobrat Reader 3.0 - read PDF document in your browser
WebWhacker - store HTML code locally
MapThis! - punch up WEb pages with original image maps
Paint Shop Pro 3.12 and LView Pro - view and manipulate graphics files
Good Wave and CoolEdit - edit, record, and play audio files; create new
sounds and special audio effects
RTF to HTML - publish from word processing files with this
easy conversion tool
WebForms - create forms and retrieve responses without CGI
WinZip - compress and decompress files for transmission

Netscape Navigor Gold 3.0 by Alan Simpson ISBN 1-56604-420-0
Publisher: Ventana Communications Group, Inc.
List Price: $39.95
PriceClubPrice: $25.39

Happy Web Creating! Fran Boyle