changes to the pages

lee cristofano (
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 23:21:47 +0000

hello all-

i've added 2 more buttons to the main page - one for topology and one
for grants information. ALL the links are in place, so feel free to
contribute your stuff.

i'm still unsure about exactly what the chain of command is for
submitting your stuff. getting it to the server via ftp is the easy
part. i'll volunteer to add the actual links when it's ready, if there's
no objection. i think it may be easier to keep track of the site that
way. what do you think?

hope you like the changes.

also, i'd like to start an informal, non-binding vote: do we keep the
art gallery graphic (the stickman) or do we dump it? i already know how
judy is voting :-)

please e-mail me with your comments and response to this burning
question. did anyone save me some snacks from the follow-up? i'm hungry.

bye now.