lack of responses by me

Marylu Tyndell (
Mon, 11 Nov 96 22:51:32 EST

Hello , Everyone!!

Just thought I'd let you all in on a secret - my email works sporadically at
best! I hope that no one has been offended on my lack of response to personal
mail and other important stuff.

I have been receiving messages all along so I never had a clue that something
was wrong. In fact, last Fri night I checked my email during the storm.
Went to the DREI followup on Sat and found 104 messages that I had not read

These messages included questionaires from Joe Rosenstein and Diane
Souvaine; all the information on the first DREI followup including the
changes from Rutgers to Princeton; personal replies to some of my previous
messages - you must think I never check my messages!!! ( My family thinks
that's all I do somedays!)

Tonight ( MON) I checked my email again and found quite a few more from Sept
that I just received. I don't understand this problem, but while I was at the
DREI followup I asked a couple of people (Judy Brown and DavidWexler, the
TA's in the lab), and none of us were able to figure this out.

Anyone able to help me with this?

I'm not on Netscape just yet - I'm still using text-only and dialing into
DIMACS to get on-line.

In the meantime, I guess email is not reliable enough for me.
( And we thought SNAILMAIL was slow!!!!)


PS to those who asked about the POLAR PAIR calendars - The polar bears only
appeared on the cover of the calendar. Strange! (This is a reply to a VERY
VERY OLD message. SORRY!!!)