Chuck Biehl (cbiehl@online1.magnus1.com)
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 05:56:41 -0500 (EST)

I was on a long plane ride yesterday from a conference where I had bought
myself a new copy of Sphereland by Dionys Burger, since I had lent my old
one to a kid some time and never got it bak. In reading one of the
chapters, I came across something I can't visualize. I understand how a
3D being could see inside of a 2D being and a 4D being inside a 3D, etc.,
thereby making it possible for a "D" being to steal from the locked closet
of a D-1 being, butn I don't understand how a 4D bring could untie a 3D
knot if a 3D being is holding both ends of the rope. I know it has to do
with a twist in the fourth dimension, but I just can't picture it. There's
no 2D analog (I think) because I think you have to be at least 3D in
order to tie knots... any thoughts?

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