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I'm curious, just how many people sent you the password?

Anyone else out there who is unable to access the DREI pages because of having
forgotten the can write to us and we will give it to you in

In answer to Paul's comments:

We might want to look into setting this up for next year in a way that everyone
just uses their own password to access the drei pages. But wouldn't this cause
problems everytime someone changes their password? I know some people <not to
mention any names Brother Pat> who change their passwords regularly, as we were
once instructed to do. Then there are others, realy no names this time because
the guilty like myself must be protected, who NEVER change their password.


Responding to the message of <>
from Paul Burchard <burchard@CS.Princeton.EDU>:
> Anne Huffer wrote:
> > I forgot what the password is for access to our pages.
> This is without a doubt the #1 cause of confusion in our current web
> setup...nothing "d'oh" about it. I will send you the answer privately,
> to avoid getting it into the public archives.
> It might still be possible to allow people to use their own passwords,
> if the web server's password encryption is compatible with the one used
> for logins. Hangbiao would be the one to do it, if this is the case.
> PB
> .

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