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Hanz Makmur (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 12:14:10 -0500

At 7:33 PM -0500 12/17/96, Paul Burchard wrote:
>Judy Ann Brown wrote:
>> But wouldn't this cause
>> problems everytime someone changes their password?
>That depends on how it's set up. If the password encryption methods are
>compatible (I don't if they are), it would be easy for dimacs to set up
>a nightly script that transfers the info from the operating system to
>the web server.
>In the longer term, several companies are developing "directory
>services" based on common standards that promise to provide a "single
>login" for all the services you use. (Sample propaganda at
> ).

I am not sure what HTTP server you are using at DIMACS but from what I see
on Rutgers version of HTTPD, the password created by the htpasswd program
is the same password as unix /etc/passwd file.
So it may be possible to do this as Paul described.


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