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Chuck Biehl (
Thu, 02 Jan 1997 05:48:28 -0500

Happy New Year to all, and I hope the vacation is/was a good one.
Anybody not have to go back today? I feel like I need to go back to
school to get some rest, not that it's likely to happen.

I hope 1997 is a great one for all; let's get in there and disseminate
as much DREI content material as I can. Trade lessons from the web page
and let's get some more good stuff out there. I'd love to see some more
lesson outlines appear on the web page, especially in the areas of
topology and miscellaneous computational geometry. Anybody read any good
books lately? I know there is good reference material out there if we
just seek it out.

Teachers going for credit: let's get those lessons circulated and tested
to be able to fill in the blanks in the lesson template. That March 1st
deadline will be here before you know it, especially if we get some
weather this winter. Start thinking about your presentation to the group
for the March follow-up.

Everybody either behave or be discreet...