3/21-2 follow-up

Chuck Biehl (cbiehl@magnus1.com)
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 06:15:13 -0500

Greetings, all.
A couple of important things for the near future:

1. For the next follow-up (see http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/drei/96 for the
draft schedule)we want two participant presentation sessions; one for
those doing their lessons for credit (like at the December follow-up)
and a new one entitled "How I use the Internet in Teaching Math and/or
Computer Science." Here's how we'd like to work it:
- for lesson presentations, please contact the appropriate lead teacher
for your group with the title and time requirement (cc me the message if
you think of it or I can get it from the LT's.)
- for "How I Use the Internet..." please send your idea and time frame
directly to me, and I will will work out the details with Judy and the
scheduling staff.

2. For those pursuing credit: in December you were given a heads-up that
there would be a short written piece to be attached to the lesson plans.
Unless you hear otherwise in the next few days, this should be a short
paper (3-5 pp.) which should include the following items:
a. A summary of your understanding of what computational geometry is;
b. The impact that DREI has had and can have on the teaching content
and practice of you and your colleagues, including interaction with
members of the research community both during the institute and since
c. How the attached lesson plans support the introduction of
computational geometry or topology or internet (or whatever it is)into
your curriculum;
d. (This is the big one) how the attached lesson plans support the NCTM
Standards and the reform movement in mathematics teaching (this
can/should include the major standards as well as the inclusion of
technology in the classroom.)
Note: this "justification paper" does NOT need to be put on the web
page; a hard copy should be submitted along with the hard copy of your
project (see below).
3. Again, to those pursuing credit:
a. If you have already presented your lesson at a follow-up, make sure
the "finished version" of your plans/project are posted to the
appropriate web page by 3/1, and bring a hard copy of the project, along
with the attached short paper, to the 3/21-2 follow-up.
b. If you will be presenting your lesson at the next follow-up, again
make sure the "finished product" is hung on the web page by 3/1, then
just bring a hard copy of the completed project with the short paper
attached on 3/21.
c. On 3/1, I will print out the lessons from the web page in order to
begin the evaluation process. If there are going to be any glitches, get
to me ASAP.

I think/hope all this makes sense. Feel free to address
questions/comments to me or (of course) to Judy, Pat or Mary. Good luck
in school the rest of this week (and always) and we'll see each other
again on 3/21 and 22.

L. Charles (Chuck) Biehl
The Charter School of Wilmington
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