I'm still trying!!

Marylu Tyndell (tyndell@dimacs.rutgers.edu)
Wed, 22 Jan 97 17:39:21 EST

It's been awhile since I've been on-line. This is mostly because my email
folder is corrupt and I couldn't tell if anything was happening at all. I
finally got a call into dimacs, and Chris is trying to help me with this
problem. But I sent him email and he called me back , so I know you're all
getting this message.

Besides my email troubles, just before Thanksgiving I was rushed to the
hospital from work with a rapid heart rate ( about twice what it should be.)
All they have been able to decide so far is that it was "stress-induced".
Thank goodness I haven't had another episode - but one is enough to scare me
out of my mind!! So, I'm supposed to take it easy, get plenty of sleep and (
get this) stay out of stressful situations!!!

I start my half-year discrete math course tomorrow. This is my second
go-around. I can hardly wait.

Anyone who has sent me email in the past three months, I'm sorry I haven't
responded , but right now I'm still unable to READ MY EMAIL!! I'm frustrated
over this. It's driving me crazy.

It's probably easier to contact me by phone or snail-mail:

Marylu Tyndell

2804 Belmar Blvd
Wall, NJ 07719


or at work ( a little harder but not impossible): (908) 681-4300