intermnet policy

Marylu Tyndell (
Sun, 26 Jan 97 17:53:45 EST

That's INTERNET policy.
I will be running the Wall HS computer/internet club beginning in Feb. I
asked for a copy of the district internet policy and I was told that we never
had one approved because it had too many loopholes.

One guideline said that the students could not send any personal info about
themselves or other students. If " I am a student at Wall HS " is considered
personal, then how would the kids communicate with anyone? ( and, yes, they
considered that personal info!)

So, the question: Those of you who have decent policy : Could you send me a
copy? If it's lengthy and it's possible would you please send it to me snail

Thanks for the help!

Marylu Tyndell
Wall HS
18th Ave and New Bedford Rd
Wall NJ 07719