Partnering for Thinkquest

Roseann R. Krane (
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 13:30:13 -0800 (PST)

I found out we can still add partners to ThinkQuest teams. Most of my
students are doing the projects in pairs. I'd like to add a third person
from another site. I'm sending some of the entries we are doing with
topics. The final is not due until July and so there is plenty of time
to work on the project. We just need to submit teams and coaches.

If you have anyone who wants to join our team and if you'd
also like to be a coach, please let me know and we can add ... Thanks.

Be patient with the list, I haven't had time to update it!


Myra Byrd / Kathy Wong Political Cartons
Oswaldo Depario / David Lin Latrell Sprewell - Basketball
John Lee / Brandon Wong Basketball - The Bulls
Adam Paulson / Aram Hartounian Star Wars
Sara Ferman / Laurie Russel Racism & Intolerance
Hunter Treseder / Jesse Tejeda Microbreweries
Kevin Dun / Kevin Guzman Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
Mark Warner / Mansi Shah TV Shows
James Bingham / John Balzowski Automobiles
Chrissy Bradley / Jessica
Taylor Schick / Todd Farrington Legend of the Five Rings
Jeff Rogers Using True Space
Fred Lam / Calvin Lu
Josh Burgess / Jared Burgess
Melissa Howard / Todd Carrington
Brent Yarkin / Sean McMillan

Josh LeDuff / Roopa Vemeredy
Evan Silverberg / Charly Burak Resumes Made Simple
Albert Wong / Darrel Thomas Martial Arts
Steve Fang / Kristen Arendt Doing Music over the Net
Dan Kuo / Mike Larson Health & Fitness
Karen Liu / Shiao Shiao Chien All About Us
Tiffany Gray / Mike Loewke Virtual Walk Through a Computer
David Stone / Sam Woo Sharks
Gladys Ng / Jackie Lee Tennis
Jackie Hui / Rex Huang Astonomy
Chris Andre / Sanam Hayati
Ben Dahlin / Alex Chan / Automobiles
Steve Wakling (Michigan)
Jennifer Ng / Jennifer Byers Dogs
Lara Borowski / Charles Wilson Birds
Kim Beatty / Meghan Brown Amazon Rain Forrest


Tyler Wardaugh/Ryan Phillips Genetic Engineering & Cloning
Jason Sperke / Amber Bullington 3d graphics
Yeong Han / Graphic Design Careers
Anthony Tam / Emanual Vinnea 3d grphics techniques
Nate Low / Barry Osharow Internet - the drug
Brian Holter / Ben Budde The Serengeti
Connie Lee / Julie Han Typing
Melissa Lin / Candace Tam The Holocost
Tashfeen Ekram / SAT Prep
Sara Amin / Scott Osborn
Bryan Bankhead / Bethany Parkinsons
Katherine Wade / Astronomy
Omar Akkawi


Andy Salvo / Katie Smalligan
Manuj Vaid / Chris Loya
Peter Kuo / Allen Shen
Jeff Ng / Belinda Yu Physics
Devin Shanthikumar / Louie Dang Solar System
Grace Chang / Lisa Valdine Binary Mark
Caleb Chu / William Lee Economics
Cheston Chiu / Seth Whitaker
Matthew Rojanski / Pryial Subramanian
Jeff Chung / Eric Wu Idon'tknow
Mike Carns / Theoron Chow / Young Kim Business Economics


Hope McKay / Carmen Ho Music
Rakhee Dosaj / Heather Peterson Incoming Freshman HS Guide
Brian Neylon / Jason Yu Firewalls Security
David Reznik / Matt Larson Aviation
Adam Huda / Michael VanDer C++ programming
Ahin Lee / Eugene Kimm Korean Music
Brian Liang / Eunie Lee
Justin Teskey / David West

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