Sanderson Smith (
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 09:31:40 -0800

Wednesday Evening, March 12

Hi again, folks. I'm checking in to firm up who needs (or wants) a ride from
Newark Airport to Rutgers.

PLEASE NOTE: From Monday, March17 through Rutgers arrival, I will be out of
e-mail contact. I'll be spending a few days with my mother in Detroit prior to
coming to Newark. For those who might need to contact me during that period, I
will be at (313) 881-7422.

OK, here's the scoop: I will be arriving at Newark at 12:20 PM (United #642
from Chicago). I have an Avis rental car on reservation at Newark. As
things stand now, I will wait and meet Darlene's 2PM flight (Could you give me
the flight number again, Darlene. Sorry...I accidentially erased your previous

I've heard from Anne. She's flying to Philadelphia and will get a rental car

I've heard from Lee. As I understand it, Lee, you will be arriving at 7PM.
I'll be happy to return to the airport to pick you up. I need your flight
number, etc. Is anyone else arriving in the evening?

My return flight (to California) leaves on Sunday at 10:25 AM. We'll take into
account everybody's Sunday times before planning our trip to the airport on
that day.

Roseann, Carol, Alan, or anybody else who is interested: If you're going to
Newark and need ground transportantion, could you let me know in the next day
or so. This will allow me to finalize plans via e-mail before I depart for
Detroit on Monday. Again, I will not see any e-mail sent to me after Sunday
until I return to California on March 23.

OK, I'll leave everybody with this question. Can you make just one word with
the following letters?