Sanderson Smith (
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 02:31:57 -0800

Friday Morning, March 14
Hi guys and gals...
I don't wish to continue to burden the entire DREI crew with these messages,
but I do want to make sure I'm not missing anybody who might need
transportation. I'll send future messages only to those who are interested in
Newark Airport-Rutgers transportation. Here's what I have ( I know Anne is
going to Philadelphia. I haven't heard from Carol)...

Sanderson... arriving Newark 12:20 (United, from Chicago)
Darlene.... arriving Newark 2PM (Airline, flight #)
Alan... arriving Newark 4:40 PM (Airline, flight #)
Roseann...arriving Newark 5:30 PM (Airline,flight #)
Lee... arriving Newark 7PM (Airline, flight #)

Info provided by Elaine says the hotel is 28 miles from the airport...driving
time about 44 minutes. Here are my thoughts: I will wait for Darlene and the
two of us will go to the hotel. I will return to the airport, planning to
arrive around 6 PM for Alan, Roseann, and Lee. (Alan can meet Roseann and then
we'll wait on Lee.) This time plan is a bit rough on Alan, but I can't think
of a better one that will cover the last three flights in, given the distance
of the hotel from the airport.

OK folks, let me know your thoughts (and flight numbers, etc.)via. e-mail as
soon as possible. Please keep in mind that I will be out of e-mail contact
from Monday through arrival at Newark. After Sunday evening, I can be reached
by phone at (313) 881-7422.

I will get back to you at least once more via. e-mail before Sunday evening.

-Keep smiling.