NJ and PA members

Anne B. Huffer 904-822-6500 (HUFFERA@mail.firn.edu)
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 16:01:31 -0500 (EST)

Maybe those of you from around the Princeton/ Philadelphia area can help
me. I am flying into Phillie on Friday - get there about 11:15am. I would
like to avoid renting a car until I am ready to go to Maryland on Sunday
and maybe even then. I know I can get a train from Phillie to Maryland
(D.C.). My question: Is there mass transportation that I can use to get
from the Philadelphia airport to Rutgers and return on Sunday? I am a brave
soul and don't mind changing, walking etc. I went by train into Phillie
from Princeton this summer and back. I don't remember the names of the
train companies - can you jog my memory? I am certain I can find
AmtraK(sp?) to Maryland or to Lancaster Pa where my brother lives - and bum
a ride from him to my mothers. My mother has a beat-up 1974(2) ford that
everyone is embarassed to be seen in but I can drive that while there and
my son can take me to the airport. Voila!! I have saved a bundle of car
rental $$$'s Thanks if you can help. If I can't do that the rental is still

Anne Huffer