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Judy Ann Brown (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 23:02:02 -0500

Chuck, Paul and everyone

I took care of deleting Roseann's lessons from the page...(shhh - they are
really not gone, you just can't see them)

In the next day or two I plan to go in and clean house on the lesson pages. I
will retain the LAST posted lesson in every series.

If for somereason your "best" is not the "last" please let me know. If
something happens to disappear that you want latter, don't worry just write to
me and I'll retrieve it.

Any questions, just ask Chuck.

I love all the mail, keep it coming.


> Now that we're a lot further along than we were, i recommend that those
> of you with multiple copies of your leson on thbpage send in a list of
> the ones that can/should be deleted so we start with a little more
> manageable list of lessons. Any problem with this?
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