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Thu, 27 Mar 1997 21:58:07 -0500

never trust capitalists, right? they always go after the big mighty


Patrick Carney wrote:
> Hi-
> Just in case anyone did not see this in the news, I thought I would
> send it along. It seems that the phone companies are petitioning the FCC to
> allow them to discontinue the "unlimited" service they have contracted to
> give us. They want to take advantage of people using the internet by charging
> by th minute. Of course when an internet provider does that you can change
> providers and, of course, I am sure most of us have, but the phone company
> has no local competition. So if that passes, those of us who are net people
> will be the ones hurt. I never like people who want to change the rules in
> the middle of the game and I am particularly annoyed at this just as we were
> working on trying to insure access to poor students who cannot afford the big
> prices (we have a provider who gives unlimited access to any student for
> $9.954a month and provides dial up numbers that are local to each of the
> various communities that they live in -- our kids come from a wide area --
> this coupled with some folks who repair old computers to provide them for the
> needy had things looking up. But with this not only will the poorer kids have
> a problem, but I have no doubt that schools will see the bill they run up and
> start limiting use.
> So anyhow, if anyone else out there is as upset as I am about this, I
> am suggesting that you write to any politician you can think of with whom
> you might have clout. Maybe a concerted effort can head them off at the pass!
> As ever,
> Bro. Pat Carney