April Calendar

Judy Ann Brown (judyann@dimacs.rutgers.edu)
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 23:49:25 -0500


It's time for the April Calendar I'm sure I'll be hearing from every one with
birthday's in April, especially those of you who share birthdays with some of
the greatest (that's a relative term) mathematicians:
on the 15th
Leonhard Euler & Leonardo da Vinci
or on the 25th with
Felix Christian Klein
or on the 28th with
Kurt Gdel & Georgy Fedoseevich Voronoy
or on the 30th with
Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss

I still need the names of mathematicians born on the following dates:
April 2
April 6
pril 20

I expect to have the new calendar posted by the end of Friday.


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