Snow Day

Judy Ann Brown (
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 08:24:48 -0500


As much as I look forward to snow days in the winter, I'm ready for SPRING.

Somehow nature just doesn't want to cooperate this year. Here in the Poconos we
were hit hard by this latest storm and Monroe County has been declared a
disaster area. Hundreds of people were stranded on Rt 80 as the road was closed
due to conditions.

On the positive side: I'm using my time to "play" on my computer. I have a Mac
Performa CD/TV which means that I can watch TV while I surf the web. I just
discovered that I can also copy pictures off the TV and save them as gif files
and then put them on my web page. So if you want to see what Spring in the
Poconos looks like check out my homepage. But do it in the next day or two
because I'm going to change it soon.


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