Easter Bunny is a Snoeshoe Hare!

Bill Garrett (bgarrett@dimacs.rutgers.edu)
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 23:25:26 -0500


Hard to imagine such a reversal in the weather, isn't it! I was
planning to play golf Easter Monday (had the day off) but not in a
howling snowstorm!! My best guess is that we had 8-12" here at my house
but with all the blowing and drifting, it was hard to tell. I had to
try three different roads this morning until I could find a route to
school (first two were drifted totally shut, third one was one lane).
Yet when I got to school there was only 2-4" - one of the hazzards of
living 20+ miles from work - never know what conditions are like there
so I always go in.

I've been extending the Voronoi Diagrams to our seven elementary schools
using the unit square metric with some intersting results! Hope to
publish a "bunch" of this stuff in my lesson on the DREI96 page soon.

Hope your Easter was happy and relaxing. We had our annual easter egg
hunt with my 17 and 19 year old daughters and their 16 and 18 year old
cousins!! Twas great fun!!


Marylu Tyndell wrote:
> Hey everybody!
> Happy Easter! ( actually i.m a day late!)
> Here in NJ we had an absolutely gorgeous Easter - it must have been 70
> degrees and sunny! What a way to celebrate spring!!
> Now today is another story. Believe it or not, it started SNOWING
> about 3 hours ago and it's still coming down! We're expecting at
> least 4 inches on the Jersey shore making this our biggest snowfall of
> the season!