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Mary Edwards (
Mon, 07 Apr 1997 19:50:48 -0400

Hi all,

I don't know about other people, but some of us were on vacation last
week. I love the snow, but I wasn't in New Jersey waiting for the big
snow storm, I was at Big Sky, Montana. Wow!!!!!! is all that I can
say. We got snow three out of five days that I was there. I have
never had the snow up to my knees and tried to ski. I found a little
piece of heaven in Montana. I awoke each morning in a loft looking at
the highest skiable mountain in the United States. It was
beathtaking. I actually got to the top and skied down. The only way
down from two of the peaks is by doing diamond (the most difficult)
trails and I did them. I just got home Sunday night and I really
haven't gotten off the mountain yet. I highly recommend Big Sky for
conditions at this time of the year, if you like to ski and you are
average or above.

There was one little thing that we forgot on the mountain. That was
the time change. Yes, we thought that the hotel made a mistake and
woke us up at the wrong time. We were really detatched from the real
world and all of its little problems. I got up early (ha) and went
around taking pictures thinking I had all the time in the world. The
bell-hop was the one to tell us that we might miss our plane, because
of the time change.

That is really getting away from it all.

I started my lesson on parabolas this morning by showing my class a
picture of the mountain and asking them what shape it was in, and what
the quadratic coefficient would have to be. One of the students at
the end of the class asked me what the slope of the highest trail was.
We can find math everywhere.

Now I have over a hundred messages to read.
Hope everyone is making the connections to math and the real world.