Chuck Biehl (bieh9435@dpnet.net)
Tue, 08 Apr 1997 04:52:53 -0400

A couple of things from this end:
1. I still haven't heard back from a few folks on your email habits, so
please respond directly to me ASAP if you haven't already. As a
reminder, the 3 questions were: where do you do email, how often do you
do email, and what type of mail program do you use?
2. I would really like to see some public chatter regarding the
potential of offering both paper and on-line lessons from DREI '96.
Elaine has already started putting the boilerplate together (Lee, where
are you?) and we're looking for input and assistance from everybody,
either on content, introductory notes, or web pages for activities.
Let's see your voices!!!!
3. Relating to #2, after the last follo-up I seem to recall a pledge
that our mail group would be more active. i realize that most of us just
got off Spring Break and are trying to realign to school (I think all my
students got thier brains erased over vacation, personally)but we have
lots to talk about, including suggestions for the last DREI '96
follow-up in June, the web site, ad long-range plans to keep this group
active after the end of our year together. Let's hear from you!
4. Finally, I'd like to know who-all is going to Minneapolis. I'll be
out for the week for NCSM and NCTM, and would like to know who to look
for while there. Thanks.
L. Charles (Chuck) Biehl
The Charter School of Wilmington
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