The tax man cometh!

Bill Garrett (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 19:51:10 -0400

Hi everyone,

I was "mildly" surprised when I logged on today and found "no new
messages on server" as the reply. I can only surmise that everyone was
spending the weekend doing their income taxes. Are all of you trying to
determine how to shelter your DREI96 stipend?:) We should probably have
discussed this issue collaboratively and found the best legal way to
report it among all of us. Some of you seasoned "stipend recipients"
may have the inside track on how to handle this. Oh well, too late for
that now (unless some of you are like some of my colleagues who
routinely file for extensions so as to put off the inevitable even

While sorting through my mail last week (I was away from school a few
days and it piled up in an area I didn't know to look - I wouldn't want
you to see my work area at school at times) I found an envelope from
DIMACS. I assumed it was an announcement of the cryptography institute
this summer and almost didn't look closely at it since I already had
that information to pass on to my staff from our weekend meetings. Upon
inspection I discovered it is the questionnaire from Norman Webb
regarding DREI96.

I'm assuming everyone got one. I'm also assuming it is the next thing
on everyone's list after the tax work is done. We owe it to those who
worked so hard to put the program together and keep it running a
complete reporting of our experiences. The deadline for this is April
18 if I remember correctly. I did most of mine at school but wanted to
do the free response questions on a separate paper via wordprocessing (I
don't like to "write" anymore). As forms go this one isn't bad, but I
still think there's a career for me somewhere in "forms design". Doing
my many tax forms this weekend only reinforced that notion. Now I need
only to be "discovered".

Well, enough of my ramblings! Back to the taxes, folks and then on to
Norman's questionnarie, and then back to the Web lessons!! June 29 will
be here in just 75 days and if that seems like a long time consider that
it's been 23 days already since we last met as a group!

Hang 10 on the Web!