Re: Norman Webb

Bill Garrett (
Fri, 18 Apr 1997 18:45:29 -0400

Dear Ethel,

You wrote:

>Dear Bill,
> Who is Norman Webb?
> Ethel

Elaine or someone more deeply involved with the inner workings of DIMACS
could probably give you a more definitive answer but this is what I
know. Norman was the gentleman who came to Princeton last summer to
talk with us because he had just taken over the responsibility of
evaluating the DREI96 (jump right in and correct me if I'm wrong).
Because I am involved in Pennsylvania's statewide school assessment
iniative and he had done similar work (in Wisconsin, I believe) I spent
some time conversing with him about that aspect of his work and mine. I
don't remember him staying at Princeton very long because I had planned
to discuss assessment methods with him in more detail and never got the
opportunity to do so.

Anyway, I received a letter at school from him about 2-3 weeks ago with
a Mid-Year Survey of the DREI96 program and this is what my post was in
reference to.

If you didn't get one (and it sounds like maybe you didn't) you might
want to check into it. I think this is one chance for us to let those
who are curious know what DREI96 did for/to us!