Re: thanks...

Maryann Kinsley (
Mon, 21 Apr 1997 19:25:39 -0700

Glad you enjoyed the shirts, Lee. Sorry about ruining your reputation as
He-Man Physics Teacher Of Bethel Park. If it will help, I can tell your
students how much you enjoyed Chef Larry's meat and potatoes....none of
that weenie salad bar stuff.

But seriously, folks......Anyone signing up for a C++ workshop for AP
Computer Science this spring or summer? When/where? I haven't taught
the course yet, but want to be prepared....and another programming
language under your belt doesn't hurt either.


Lee Cristofano wrote:
> hi all-
> i just wanted to take a moment and publicly thank maryann for her lovely
> gift at the last follow-up.
> (for those who didn't see, she gave me two t-shirts: a big red t-shirt
> with the quadratic formula, and a blue one with the pythagorean theorem
> derived)
> after wearing each to school, i've only been beaten-up three times in
> the last month, well below her estimate of eight times.
> :-)
> lee