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Did anyone else notice that there are certain words that should NEVER be used in
the subject line?

Depending on the mail program or browser being used, you can set the length of
the from, subject, and date information that is displayed when new messages

My mail program just happens to be set in such a way that the final 6/10 of the
last word in this subject line is truncated. So can you figure out what my mail
program thinks Bill needs help with? ;-)

Hey, I enjoyed a laugh....but my computer is at home, not school.


Responding to the message of <>
> Duncan Chiu wrote:
> > Bill and Drei-96ers,
> >
> > Do you have anything on assessment of the school by its students? I
> > chair the Educational Issues Committee of a five-year old science and
> > technology magnet school. If you (or anyone in our group) have anything
> > on this, please let me know. Thanks.
> >
> > duncan
> The only thing I have ever seen along these lines (and I'm not really
> familiar with it) is the Middle States Evaluation which I believe has a
> "questionnaire" that they use to have the students rate the school.
> I'll look at school tomorrow and see if I can find any more about it and
> if I do I'll let you know.
> Bill
> .

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