Re: Follow Up IV

Sanderson Smith (
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 04:09:40 -0800,Internet writes:
>The year has certainly flown by - in 2 months we'll be meeting for our
>last Follow-up session (June 29, 30 and July 1st). If you're flying,
>please plan on arriving on Saturday the 28th. For those of you who need
>to make airline reservations, please contact Cheryl at University Travel
>(call collect 908-445-4000).

Hi again Elaine
(I'm sending this to the entire group, since my question probably concerns a
few others).
For those coming from afar....
We will fly in on Sat., June 28.
Should we plan on flying out on Wednesday, July 2?
If July 1 is a full day session, then evening flights might prove difficult to
This would mean four nights at the hotel. Please advise on this since it makes
a difference in how we make our travel plans.
Thanks for your good work.