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Thu, 29 May 1997 07:09:44 -0700

At 02:04 AM 5/29/97 -0700, Roseann Krane wrote:

Roseann, please thank MS for their pricing, it helps us lots. The
thing I would like is some kind of Microsoft marketing reps to talk
to directly. They work through the channel - OK, they have to. But
the channel doesn't know beans and can't or won't help us. How can
they? There is no money left for them in the pricing MS gives us.

Therefore, for MS to make a much bigger, better impact, they need
to set up some regional educational marketing reps, hold seminars, etc.
As I write this, my guess is that these people exist, I just don't
know who they are or how to contact them.

Oh well, let me know if you find out anything, Jon

>Being a part of the SRVUSD has percs! Microsoft requested I write the
>article, "Encouraging Students To Take Computer Programming." Now it is
>published in a magazine that goes to educators. The hard copy is only 12
>pages, but I'm impressed. It is also online on page 6 at
>The best part of the magazine is not my article. Look at page 9. Wow,
>what software deals for programming. They beat Valcom anyday. Limited
>offer. All high schools
>should jump.
>Off to Mircosoft tomorrow to attend the "Visual Success Advisory Team"
>meeting. This group has ten high school and college computer science
>teachers from all over the United States as members. Our agenda includes
>determining the type and amount of support that schools need from
>Microsoft to start of expand a computer science program. If any of you
>have suggestions for me to share with them, I will be reading my email,
>so send!
>Have a good weekend.
>Roseann Krane
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