Sanderson Smith (
Fri, 06 Jun 1997 03:11:47 -0800

Friday, June 6

Hi group...looking forward to seeing you later this month.

I'm sending the message about transportation to and from the Newark Airport to
everyone,but hereafter I will broach this subject only with those who respond.
I know most of your are probably driving to Rutgers and this won't be of
interest.... and I don't want to clutter your e-mail boxes.

I'm arriving Newark Airport on United #642 (from Chicago) on Saturday,June 28,
at 12:20 PM. I'm departing Newark Airport on Wednesday morning, July 2 at
10:45 AM.

As I have done in the past, I've arranged for an Avis rental car at Newark
Airport. As best I can, I will use it for transporting those coming by plane
to and from our followup site.

As of now, I know Darlene is arriving around 2PM on Saturday. I will wait for
her arrival. I haven't heard from anyone else as of this time. If others
are interested in transportation to/from the airport, please let me know. Some
of you may be coming in later in the day. If so, I can do a return trip to the
Airport from our hotel site.

Those interested: Let me know your arrival times, flight numbers, etc.

-Keep smiling, all!