Sun, 8 Jun 1997 23:11:03 -0400 (EDT)

As you know, this summer I will be going to NASA's Goddard's Space Center
from July 6-18 and Fermilab from July 21- August 30. Therefore, I will not
be home with Ellen for most of the summer. As you know, she is my wife, my
love and my best friend. Last summer, I spent most of the summer without her
and it was unfair to both of us. For that reason, I cannot meet my
responsibility of coming to the program this summer. I am one who respects
and abides by my promises. This is one that I really respect and admire.
The friends that I have made at DIMACS are not just acquaintances for a
short time. I treasured each and every one and truly miss them already. I
hope that I have already made it clear to many of you know how I feel about
you. I will not forget nor will I cut any ties that have been made. Rest
assured I will remain in contact with and be a part of the program for as
long as I am allowed.