Result of DIMACS

Sanderson Smith (
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 09:04:37 -0800

June 20, 1997

Hi gang...

Looking forward to see you all next weekend.

Elaine's note got me to thinking about something that might possibly be of some
interest since it came about as a result of my experience at DREI.

With the help of two students (who are pretty much experts in constructing Web
pages), I initiated a senior class project involving technology this year. I'm
not doing this for DREI academic credito and I'm not going to go into an
explanation here, but the project, which is NOT YET COMPLETED, can be viewed
off of Cate's home page. If you are interested, go to

and then click on the Milken Project (a button on this page).

Again... I just throw this out and present the thought that this project would
never have been born had I not experienced DREI last summer.

See you soon! Keep smiling, all!