Patrick Carney (
Tue, 8 Jul 97 22:01:44 EDT

I just heard from a colleague who is in a summer program for science teachers
at shall we say "another university" and when I heard of their problems, I
really appreciated the work that Bonnie and Elaine have done and are doing
for the LP and DREI programs respectively. These folks had little details
ahead of time (e.g., schedule). After checking in Sun. night,, they were
given their meal tickets for the university program. Mon. a.m., when they
went there, the univ. cafeteria where they thought they were to eat was
closed. There was no staff for help and so they went around town and finally
found a McDonald's which made them late for the first class! There were other
problems that I will not get into, but the tale really made me appreciate the
behind the scenes work that these two women do to make it all seem so
effortless for us to just show up and learn knowing that all of these matters
are taken care of and, if anything would go wrong, they are on site to handle
matters. Hearing the tale of my friend made me think that we (well, at least
I) all too often take what they do for granted. So I thought I would take
this opportunity to publicly thank them for all they do to make the Dimacs
programs the first class acts that they are

Bro. Pat Carney