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The following is a message forwarded to me that many of you may be
interested in participating in.

Ethel Breuche

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Thought this sounded interesting and I'd pass it on!

> From: Hazel Jobe <jobeh@TEN-NASH.TEN.K12.TN.US>
> To:
> Subject: For Teachers Only!!
> Date: Wednesday, August 06, 1997 1:03 PM
> As schools across the country gear up to begin a new school year, I
> thought it might be a fun and useful project to share Internet
> integration ideas. We will develop a booklet of Sites and Suggestions,
> much the same as contributing your favorite recipe to the community
> cookbook. Send me your suggestions. I will compile them and send a copy
> to everyone who contributes. I am not looking for detailed lesson plans,
> there are a ton out there. Lets share the sites that we find
> particularly useful and suggest ways they can be integrated into the
> curriculum. What I want would be similar to this example:
> Name: Hazel Jobe
> Email: jobeh@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us
> School: Marshall Elementary
> School location: Lewisburg, TN
> URL if you're online: http://www.geocities.com/athens/6837
> Site:USA CityLink Home Page -http://usacitylink.com/
> Suggestion: Give your students a list of three cities to visit. Have
> them plan a travel route using TripQuest-http://www.mapquest.com/ They
> can estimate time and distance using scale and distance per hour. Then
> compare the estimates to the actual results by logging on to How Far Is
> It?-http://www.indo.com/distance/ Have students keep a log of what they
> saw on the trip.
> Let students explore cities and pick one they would like
> to live in. Have them compare it to your city's history, economy,
> geography, lifestyle, and weather. Why would they like to visit there?
> Students can create a web guide to their city and submit
> it to the USA CityLink Page.
> Prepare a travel brochure for a USA tour. Find a class in
> a foreign country who will prepare a tour of their country and exchange
> with you. You might send them a questionnaire first to see the kinds of
> things they are interested in seeing in the USA.
> Please include this information in your contributions.
> Name:
> Name of School:
> Location of School:
> URL:
> Site:
> Suggestion:
> The deadline for contributions will be Aug. 25 and I will get the
> compiled list of suggestions out to you by Sept. 1.
> Looking forward to hearing from you.
> Hazel Jobe