New Home

Patrick Carney (
Thu, 28 Aug 97 19:01:14 EDT

As many of you know, I moved to NJ. The other day I got my new phone
and was looking for a way to remember the number and it came to me --
Fibonacci. The number is 3647527 which is of course,

3 8^2 3*5^2 3*3^2 Where the 8,5,3 are Fib. Numbers of course in reverse of
the order we are used to seeing them. Since I figured that out, I have not
needed the piece of paper in my pocket. Now if I only could figure out one
for my office (783-8799) The 8800 - 1 is easy, but the whole does not yet
make any pattern I can remember. Any brilliant ideas out there???

Hope you all have a great year out there.

As ever,
Bro. Pat Carney