hello everyone

Anne Burgess Huffer (huffera@mail.firn.edu)
Thu, 02 Oct 1997 07:24:53 +0300

Hey all,

It is the first day of my weekend (Thursday) and I thought maybe it
was time to write something to all of you. My experiences would, I
think, make quite a book. My trip was "the trip from hell". Every
possible thing that could go wrong has. I am Murphy's Law personified.
However, I am learning and still smiling, most of the time. Yesterday by
the way was not TGIF but rather PAIW (praise Allah its Wednesday). I
finally got wheels last Sunday. Before that I had walked my legs to
stumps. I guess that was good though since I have been eating junk food
- ice cream etc and that helped it not travel to my back end. For 30
days I had to visit my dog in quarantine. They do not feed or water them
for you. Thank goodness there was another faculty member - one with a
car - in the same boat. Otherwise, I don't know how I would have gotten
there. It was about a 25 minute drive from my flat and about 15 from
school. He is home now - but no one bothered to check and the flat I am
in does not permit dogs so I am looking for another place to live and
will have to move. Just a bit more of the anything that can go wrong
stuff. Let me hear from some of you. Darlene, Alan and Sanderson, I
still want to get the kids online and will work on setting something up
soon. The internet access at school is not as easy as I was led to
believe, but we can do something I am sure.

Anne Huffer