AP Stat

Sanderson Smith (Sanderson_Smith@cate.org)
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 04:58:19 -0800

Sunday, Oct. 12
Hi group...
If you teach AP Stat. (or someone in your school does), here's something you
may already know...but perhaps a few among are group are not aware of this....

There is an AP Statistics Listserve that you (or your AP teacher) can join.
Basically, it is a group of AP Stat. teachers around the country exchanging
ideas, etc. You can join it by simply doing the following...

Send an e-mail message to


Leave the topic (subject) line blank

In the body of the message write

subscribe apstat-l <your e-mail address>

Note that the l is the letter "ell," not the number "one."

Don't write anything else. Send the message. You should soon receive
confirmation that you are "on" along with instructions about how to unsubscibe,

Now, you do get a lot of banter in this group. That is , people going back and
forth with thoughts and ideas that might not directly relate to you. However,
it is all related to AP Statistics... and there is some good stuff that

-Keep smiling, all.