Learn Something New Every Day Dept.

Patrick Carney (pcarney@lunar.rutgers.edu)
Fri, 14 Nov 97 16:11:09 EST

I just learned something that fascinated me and thought I would pass it on. I
was typing in MS Word (which many of you received as part of DREI96 and
others may have at home or school. I discovered when you type the standard
smiley [ i.e., :-) ], it is programmed to convert it to the circular face
with the smile that people are used to seeing and it is right side up. So
naturally I tried :-( and got the circle face with a frown. In the great view
of the impportant issues of this world, this is probably meaningless but I
found it interesting and wondered if anyone knows of any more things like
this that are in there.

As ever,
Bro. Pat Carney