Great News!

Elaine Foley (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 06:29:09 -0500

I just received very very good news from my oldest daugher,
Jennifer (who's a junior at Boston University) which has
finally allowed me to exhale a huge sigh of relief (all you
parents of college students can certainly emphasize with me
on this one).

Jennifer just received word that she was admitted into an
archaeological dig project in Belize (northest of Guatemala,
south of Mexico's Yucatan). Since only ten BU students were
expected to join this project, the competition was fierce.
Jen and I were truely worried about it since it would mean a
major disruption to her academic schedule if she had to go
on another project at a later date (spending a semester on a
dig is a requirement for graduation at BU). So, it now
looks promising that Jen will graduate in the four years
that she had planned!