Re: Fwd(3): Lotto and Good Will Hunting

Sanderson Smith (
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 18:10:09 -0800


Matthew B. McCall,,Internet writes:
>Not a month goes by without my thinking about your gift for bringing the
>joys and interests of math into everyday life. Often in playing with
>Nicholas, I feel as if I could be doing so much more to bring his immediate
>world al
>ive. Your email is yet another example of the "Herkimerization"
>of our modern world. Thanks for sending it out to me.
>On a side note, I have a basic question to ask you. Given what you know
>about teaching math and computers, do you think there is any possible
>strategy to address a) business's need for more computer programmers and
>b) the inner city's high unemployment with kids in teens and twenties
>by matching the two. Would inner city high tech centers of excellence
>or training work in computers (C++ programming, problem solving, etc.)
>starting even as early as junior high? Or are the basics required for
>good programmers so lacking in many of these environments that it would
>be a waste of money and effort? Just wondering (as usual...)
>Hope all is well...
>Matthew B. McCall
>Graystone Venture Partners
>One Northfield Plaza
>Suite 530
>Northfield, IL 60093

Hi Matt:
I'm not really sure I have the best answers to what you are asking.
However, I'm going to take the liberty of forwarding your note to,Internet
This is a group approximately thirty fantastic, dedicated, and extremely intelligent mathematics teachers representing a
variety of educational environments. Also receiving this note will be some wonderful folks associated with DIMACS (Rutgers
University based). They may have some thoughts/suggestions/answers relating to your questions.

To my DREI colleagues:
Matthew McCall (I call him Matt) is a former student of mine. He's an amazing guy... highly intelligent ... and genuinely
cares about people. He works in the Chicago area, he's very successful... and, as you can tell from his note, he really
wants to help others. I know for a fact that Matt devotes time and his own personal resources to helping others. As I
read the note Matt sent to me, I was initially disappointed since I didn't think I could give him much in the way of
enlightenment. Then, I thought of DREI96... and realized that many of you might have some suggestions for Matt. One of
the joys of teaching is keeping in touch with former students like Matt. I have special admiration for Matt since he "sees
beyond himself." He feels an obligation to "serving ohers." Can you offer him some thoughts/comments/suggestions? (I
never thought I would use DREI96 in this way, but Matt presented me with a wonderful opportunity to use this incredible