Re: Math in the news

Jim Hauze (
Mon, 18 May 98 12:42:18 -0400

>I am getting a blank on the Star-Ledger features page. But then I am
>using a %#$@& Macintosh in school.

Those %#$@& Macintosh computers serve us well,and we have about 300 of
them. They enable us to run the network and teach full loads at the same
time. They also serve our web site and our email. We do not, however,
have java installed on the network, due to our networking software, which
permits our students access to their data from any of our six labs. It
also permits us to copy entire labs of software in minutes, share screens
with entire classes or groups, troubleshoot remotely, and take control of
students machines to walk them firsthand through whatever trouble they
are having, regardless of the building they are in. We felt the
networking software was more important. It may be the lack of enabled
java that keeps you from accessing the site.

Please try not to attribute your inability to view the page to the %#$@&
Macintoshes. One of our labs has been converted to macintoshes because of
the problems we had with %#$@& PCs. In addition, our six labs in the high
schol, one in the junior high, our district administrative office, and
two in our elementary school all have internet access because of those
%#$@& Macintoshes. And we do it without a full-time coordinator.


Jim Hauze