Ira Frdmn (
Mon, 25 May 1998 21:27:13 EDT

I now need to update my webpage. Up until now I only had access to the web
through AOL. This did not (I believe) let me download my web page, make
changes and then send it back. I may be wrong about that but I didn't think I
could. My home computer is a Mac performer with AOL 3.0.
Now we have access, at school to the web using the Internet explorer and a T1
line. Can you walk me through the process of making the change? That means
even including my password. I do know that my email address is and my home one is I have not
use either in so long that I have forgotten them.
In addition, how can I send and retrieve mail from this library browser that
does not ask me for my Internet address?

P.S. I sign on, on this computer without an address. When I went to send
email on this browser, it said that it was unable to do so because that plug-
in or feature was missing.